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The Cinevate Inc 35″ Atlas 10 LTS DSLR Slider For Tracking/Crane/Pulley Shots is a 35″ mini-dolly designed with a ball bearing system that very smoothly slides a DSLR rig of up to 40 lb in any possible direction — sideways, forward, backward, up, down, panoramically, and at angles. It can very effectively also be used as a crane when attached to a tripod, and can optionally be transformed into a counter-balanced vertical pulley system. With a non-reflective, black satin anodized finish, and full CNC aluminum and steel construction, the Atlas 10 is a beautiful, tightly designed, and lighter, quicker-to-set-up, more affordable version of the Atlas 30 and Atlas 200.

On a basic level, with a DSLR mounted atop it, the Atlas 10 can simply be placed on any flat surface, in an east/west or north/south setup, or at angles, such as at 190° instead of 180°, and you can then track right or left, close in or pull back, or play with angles to even further magnify the telling of your story. You can also stand the Atlas up erect and vertically slide the DSLR on it up or down.

But if you’re working not with a flat surface but with two big stones, one bigger and with a pointier surface than the other, then what you would do is attach onto the Atlas its additional, optional, all-terrain legs, which resemble the legs of a spider and can accordingly spread wide or stand erect, either way almost gripping the surface they’re on. The legs are designed, at the play of a few knobs and fasteners, to level off and compensate for any unevenness below them.

The Atlas 10, via any of seven tripod mount plate locations, can also be mounted onto one or more tripods for an elevated execution of all of its capabilities.

And with the addition of a tripod, the Atlas 10 can also be used as a crane. With a part of one end mounted on the tripod, and the other end holding a DSLR, the Atlas 10 becomes a crane that can swing the camera up or down, or left or right in a circular motion. If, for example, you’re set up as such at the edge of a roof overlooking a busy street, you can have the camera pointing down and then swing sideways for panoramic shots of the action on the street.

Another feature of the Atlas 10 is an optional one, but a gigantic one. A vertical pulley system! The Atlas stands vertically erect, a DSLR on one side of it — not on one end but on one side, an added weight package on the other side, and the two connected by a durable, rope-like counter-balance pulley system. Push down the weight, and the camera smoothly slides up; push it up, the camera slides down. Your own little mini-studio!

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