Price – $75/day

Combining a compact 26 x 12 x 6″ design with a built-in multi-voltage ballast and the ability to accept four 21″ 55W CFL lamps, the Diva-Lite 415 Fluorescent Fixture with North American plug from Kino Flo can easily become a go-to light for working in a studio or on location. In order to control the light, users can switch between using either 4 lamps or 2 lamps as well as dim the fixture from 5-100%. The light is flicker-free for use with stills and video and has a low amperage draw. An optional wired remote dimmer is available as well.

For further control over your lighting, the Diva-Lite 415 features built-in barndoors and comes with both a gel holder and 90° louver. A 15′ power cord with in-line power switch provides an easy method for turning on and off the fixture. Additionally, a centre mount with 5/8″ receiver enables both horizontal and vertical positioning and the ability to use it with most common light stands.

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