Quasar Science Q25R Rainbow LED Lamp

Quasar Science Q25R Rainbow LED Lamp

Price – $40/day

Quasar Science‘s new Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED lamp features RGBX; illuminating and saturating colours ranging from 2000° Candlelight to 6000° Daylight Kelvin. These lamps have an onboard digital interface that allows you to control light intensity, Kelvin, hue and saturation unlike ever before. Additionally, the lamp has self ballast AC input and capable of DC input. Other features include a crossfade from candlelight to daylight diode, giving a full range of high quality broad spectrum light. This allows for colour saturation without the muddy effects of RGB derived white light, and includes special effect presets such as “police light”, “paparazzi”, “strobe”, and “fire”. These have a full 360° rainbow spectrum, and can physically stack and store anywhere due to their slim body form. The Q-LED vastly outperforms traditional quartz, halogen, and HMI lighting sources in their output to power consumption ratio.

Available in 2′ size only.r Science Q25R Rainbow LED Lamp

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