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The Zacuto Z-Focus V2 is a follow focus mechanism that clamps onto 15mm rods. The clamping design lets you quickly add or remove the follow focus without having to slide it on from the front of your rods. This is particularly useful when using setups with rod mounted matte boxes. The Z-Focus V2 can be used on either side of the camera and has a reversible gear box function for use with Nikon and Pentax lenses.

The Z-Focus V2 comes standard with a 0.8 pitch, 1 3/8″ diameter gear. The gear can be flipped to the front or back of the unit to accommodate shorter lenses. It also features a standard accessory port for Zacuto, Chrosziel, or Arri follow focus whips and speed cranks and a removable, conical marking disc to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls.

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