Matthews 40″ C-Stand with Sliding Leg, Grip Head, and Arm

This black Matthews 40″ C-Stand with Sliding Leg, Grip Head, and Arm features an adjustable third leg to accommodate uneven terrain when shooting on location. This flexibility makes this the ideal stand for tight spaces or when working around obstructions.
Sometimes called a “Rocky Mountain leg,” the sliding top leg of this C-stand makes secure rigging possible even in restrictive situations. This special leg can be used to adapt the stand to inclined terrain or to safely mount a modifier or fixture on staircases. Matthews’s large T-handle knobs give operators an ideal grip for tightly locking down the position of the leg. The stand supports gear up to 22 lb and rises to heights up to 10.5′.
Matthews includes a Hollywood Grip Head and 40″ Hollywood Grip Arm to extend the reach of your rig. To promote a strong bite to light modifiers and small fixtures, the grip head and arm feature serrations for extra friction. The heads accept both 5/8″ baby pins and 3/8″ pins, such as those found on small scrims.

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