Matthews Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand

The silver-finished Matthews Double Riser Hollywood Combo Stand has a wide 43″ footprint and extra-long legs to provide stability. It rises to a maximum height of 14.8′ and accepts fixtures with either 1-1/8″ junior pins or 5/8″ baby receivers.
The Hollywood Combo Stand is a durable, time-tested solution for rigging lighting fixtures of significant weight. Lights equipped with junior pins slot directly into the top of the stand, which is rated with a maximum weight capacity of 68 lb. A spring-loaded 5/8″ baby pin instantly pops up to transform the Hollywood Combo Stand into a heavy-duty support platform for smaller light fixtures. These units can reach heights up to 14.8′, a range inaccessible by C-stands. One can also insert a 4-1/2″ “lollipop” grip head into the junior receiver to set high-flying flags or start off a quick goal-post style rig (available separately).
Except for its hard plastic feet, this stand is constructed entirely of rigid steel to withstand high winds and heavy loads. A sliding “Rocky Mountain” adjustable leg is integrated into the stand to adapt to inclines and other unsteady terrains. This leg and the rest of the stand’s points of extension lock with V-shaped brass brakes that provide three strong points of contact for optimal safety.

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