Intellytech Mega-6 Pop Up Diffuser with Grid

Thin Profile:
The Mega-6 Pop-Up Diffuser With Grid is a thin profile, quick setup diffuser. It’s made in order to offer a thinner alternative to the 5″ deep softbox that is included with the Mega-6. At just 2″ deep, it’s ideal for situations that are in tight spaces.

Additionally, the Mega-6 Pop-Up Diffuser weighs just 2 pounds and only 3 pounds if also attaching the included grid. The lightweight design makes it ideal for situations where the user wants to keep things as light as possible (like rigging overhead).

Quick Setup Time:
It literally just pops open and attaches via 4 straps making this the fastest diffuser to setup out of the Mega-6 modifiers.
Reversible, use it as a diffuser or diffuser and grid combo:

The unit is reversible allowing the direction of the diffuser and grid to be flipped.

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